My grateful thanks to the parents who allowed me to take these photographs. The date today is Sunday the 5th of July. I have uploading the photographs I took at the Old Vicarage at Elkesley. The photographs are untouched and displayed as taken with the exception that in order to display them on the web, I have had to reduce the sizes drastically; even so, some of them may take a while to display. The originals are best viewed on a minimum size television of 28".

My intention as always with my photographic work is not to produce 'picture perfect images', but rather to capture the occasion. For this reason my photographs could be hard focus, soft focus or unintentionally, without focus. I can be where you cannot be because you are part of the celebration whereas I am not. I attempt to capture those moments that you would like to have recorded if only you had been able.

All photographs are stamped Michael and Freya, although this will be removed should anyone require a set of originals. One month after the main photographers pictures are published I shall make these availabe in either slideshow format or as picture files. There will be a small charge for my time and postage. The exception to this is the Bride and Groom and the Parents of the Bride and Groom who I believe are entitled to a free copy and will receive a copy on application by telephone or by email.

The photographs fall into 3 categories: Arrivals, Photoshoot and the Receiving Line and I have varied the presentation using different display methods. If for any reason you are unable to see or use the forward/back/play buttons, either scroll left/right or up/down. You may also press the [F11] button on your keyboard to remove toolbars which will allow you a greater viewing area! After viewing, press [F11] again to reinstate your toolbars and close the window. Please click the corresponding link below. My wish is that you will find something of interest to you within these three galleries and that they will provide a memory of the day that will last a long time.


For this reason when a man leaves his parents and takes unto himself a wife, the two become as one flesh.

My blessing on your marriage and my thanks..... Zuri