Faithy's Poetry

I first met Faithy in Christian Chat and was immediately impressed with the way she coped with her learning disability. Although she had not been brought up as a Christian, nonetheless she had heard the voice of Our Lord when He called, and she had answered that call.

Over the course of time I learned more of Faithy and also learned from her. She not only had learning dificulties but severe medical problems as well. I grew to admire both her optimism and her enthusiasm for the word of God. It was this love that instigated a self help learning program because she so wanted to be able to read God's word for herself.

There are mockers and scorners, heartless people in all walks of life and Christian chat rooms are not exempt from them, and while Faithy went on web cam and read to us, she lived through the comments made by such people and yet never gave up.

She persevered and against all odds started writing poetry. I don't know what the definition of poetry is, but if it could ever be described as the Song of Ones Heart, then that is where Faithy's come from. Here is one such poem:

Lord we worship you today
in a very special way lord when you sat down to your last super
with your friends they thought it was the end
then u rose form the dead filling our hearts with love not dred

so as we sit at commuion today coming togeather to sing
worship and pray
as we ate the bread and drink the whine we remember your bad time
as we sit and pray we remember wat you went threw for us today

so all i have left to say is thankyou jesus for taking our sins

we worship and love you more and more each day
for you are our mighty king and we know you can do anything

so when things look bad remember jesus loves you
and is holding your hand gbu

Poem 2

in my eyes i see all the beauty god made for me

when i walk outside all the creations glow in front of me

the greeness of the trees the blueness of the sea

all gods beauty glows round me

gods creations are beautiful to see

but the thing to remember is he is amazing

and loves you and me

Poem 3

Heaven is a place where you can run free,
and live in peace and harmony.
Where God will take away your pain,
and bless you again and again