The Testimony of David

When I was 27 was looking for truth. Of course I didn’t know what that meant but I was looking. I was at work and posted on the bulletin board was a note, a cross and under it was written “Come join us for lunch”.
It kept catching my eye and one day I just had to go eat lunch with these people. When I went in, about four men were sitting at the table listing to a tape so I sat down started listing.

Most of what was being said meant nothing, but after about 10 minutes the woman said, “When you have Jesus In your Heart You know It in your Head”.
I got up walked out. I knew in my head there was no one like Jesus in my heart, hence the walk out.
As I was working I was going over and over, that was talking to God.

Now this sounds wrong but its what I said and did
“God you want my heart; you can have it but u have to be real. I will not act like a Christian. You are either real or not! As far as the sin thing goes, You got me on that one;  I am and have been. You want my heart, hear it is! But you have to be real. Now!”

I was walking an afternoon shift 4pm ‘til midnight on Friday night and was to be at work the next morning at 7 am. Went home slept, got up went to work!

Just as I was driving into work; suddenly, from everywhere came a voice, “God is Real!”

As I started to give thanks for that, Jesus appeared, In Front Of Me! I was still driving!

But pulling into the parking lot, He called me by My name! His voice came from everywhere!
Now that is where it gets hard, because He was talking to me, and in my head thoughts are flowing, so its hard to explain it all.

When He said my name, in my mind I was thinking, Wow 4.5 billion People On The Planet and he Knows Me.

He was saying, “You are mine For Ever”!

I’m Thinking  EVER!
He Said “I will Never Leave You”!

I’m like, Ever!

He’s saying “You are now born again and I will never change my mind about you!

Needless to say, by this time I’m crying And rejoicing.

I did get my car parked though.

He starts talking to me about my life. He said “I gave you your children, Your Wife, Your house and Your Job”.

As He’s saying this, I’m thanking Him.

This was taking about 10 minutes.

He is telling me he has a plan for me.
He has a road for me.

I was completely in his hands.

Now all this was happening while he was hanging on the cross. He was explaining how he died and why! Things like that.

It ended after about 10 minutes and I went into work a completely changed man.

That was hard. I mean, here I am filled with his joy and had no idea how or who to talk about it. No I was alone. It was a different shift so I couldn’t even talk to the men who were in the room the night befor.
Oh yeh, by the way, I worked in a hard place! What I mean is that the men I worked with were hard taught men who rebuilt Cole mining machines.

So after about a week I started talking about what had happened, a lot!
Two of the men met me outside the plant after work.They challenged me about my new found faith and were quite aggresive. I stood my ground though and through that both became good friends.

I earned the respect of those men for that, and would listen to me when I said something to them.

At that time I was learned to use one talent I didn't know I had. Anyone can fight in a physical way, but I had a different way now! Yep. Much more powerful.

But all that was merely the beginning of the road.

It’s been wonderful. So living and real. God always brings his kids to me. Its funny, all he ever wants me to do is Love them! It’s all they ever need!

It’s so completely amazing to me; the power of real love!

Jesus showed me a long time ago. “Don’t try to explain me” He said “You love others the way I love you and I’ll explain”!

That’s the hardest thing to do at times. I see and hear the lies people hold onto, yep! Well that’s one experience I had!

Right after that The Lord led me to a cult group in town; what did I know? It was there that I put into use the fighting in a different way! I went through it with them for 3 years and had lots of battles. I am ot mad at them. They showed me love the best way they knew how. But I did learn a lot from them.

I find it interesting how we are each led, how we are given a path, and have to walk that path to learn what we have to.

I am talking with the LDS, because I think they have some experience of God and I think God may use me to bring them to a closer walk or understanding. I find that it is important to seperate the person from the church. I only talk to them about the ways that they have experienced God. But I find it amazing when they start to talk about their experiences; like an inner light comes on.